New photos and a poll!


Hi everyone!


I am posting some new edits I have been working on this week.  I have been focusing on my first photography love… Black & White.  I love, love, LOVE  black and white photos.  There is just something about it that I cannot describe in words.  I do miss having a darkroom to develop the negatives and prints in, though I did have the tendency to become lost in the darkroom for hours, which is a luxury I would not have now.


At any rate, I am taking a little survey of the photos below.  Which do you like best?  Cast your vote to help me decide which to enter into the I Heart Faces B&W photo challenge this week.  The poll will close on Thursday evening, so cast your vote soon!  I will post the winner of the poll on Friday by 9 pm.


Thanks for your help!
1. “Lightning McQueen Hat”Preston bundled up 032014 B&W


2.  “Exploring in the Sun”
Preston exploring B&W logo


3.  “Under The Table and Laughing”

Preston laughing under Grammie's table B&W logo


4.  “Setting Up His Show”

Preston's Show B&W 2 logo


5.  “Happy Guy”

R outside B&W logo


6.  “Oooooh”

Robert Ooo 3 BW logo


7.  “All Boy”

Stick on the fence BW logo


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