Here I am, back again after what seems like a very long while.  Our family went on vacation earlier this month to Florida for about a week.  While visiting the beaches there, I was fascinated by the way waves developed.  From mere undulations to curling, gravity defying, shaped water to delicate sea foam creeping on the shore.  I have posted several of my favorites here tonight, with more to come soon, along with some great shots of the kiddos, too.  Please make sure to leave any comments!  I would love to hear your thoughts…Wave Study 1-July 2014 Logo Wave Study 18-July 2014 Logo Wave Study 19-July 2014 Wave Study 4-July 2014 Logo Wave Study 6-July 2014 logo Wave Study 11-July 2014 Logo Wave Study 13-July 2014 Logo Wave Study 20-July 2014-BWWave Study 2-July 2014 BW Logo


2 thoughts on “Waves

  1. Beautiful photos! You do great work, Tara. I think I’m going to make the first one the background picture for my laptop.

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